We handle property and estate liquidations with compassion and empathy

The Stuff

1. Got stuff? We help you sort your property and decide where items go - keep, sell, donate or trash. We pack and move everything to the right destination.

The House

2. We clean the house and stage it for sale. Your realtor or an accelerated sale expert can list and sell the house quickly, for the best price.

The Paperwork

3. Our probate expert helps you understand and file any estate documents. We can guide you in locating important paperwork and financial information for estate liquidation.

The Expenses

4. Think you can't afford a cleanout for your estate liquidation? We can finance our services so that we don't get paid until the house sells.

What our clients say

mother and daughter downsize and declutter
"Amazing! Within 1 month of contacting Legacy Navigator, my mother's home of 43 years was sorted, cleaned and ready to be listed for sale. The team's efficiency is outstanding!"
-- Wendy G., Maryland
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Your Legacy Navigator Team

Our Estimators come to the house or ask for pictures to understand your goals, then prepare and deliver the proposal.

A Guide will be your primary contact before, during, and after the job. The Guide makes sure the entire work team stays focused on your project goals.

Your Project Manager plans the execution of your project with the Guide, then oversees the work day-to-day, on site.

Meredith Gunter

Technicians do the physical labor on your project: lifting, packing, sorting, discarding, and cleaning.