Grief is more than mourning a death; we experience it in divorce, in the loss of friendships, in changing family dynamics and more. Join Matt Paxton, cleaning expert and former host of the TV show HOARDERS, and Pete Shrock, active national crisis support leader, as they navigate daily grief with humor and storytelling. It’s not about dying, it’s about living.

August 10, 2017

Episode 2: We’re Here to Love and to Lose

"Just keep going": sometimes the simplest advice is the hardest to follow. Pete tells a powerful story about a child who remains a light for others despite facing two major tragedies in his young life, and Matt shares a personal story about finding rebirth in a waterfall in Hawaii.

July 25, 2017

Episode 1: Meet Modern Grief: Paddle Out, Tree Burials, & a Purple Painted Coffin

In their first episode, Matt Paxton, former host of the hit show HOARDERS, and Pete Shrock, national thought-leader on grief, share their favorite funeral moments and talk about how grief can be a gift.