Estate Settlement Checklists

For those taking on the challenges of estate sales, staging and selling houses, assisting with downsizing, senior moves, probate and grief support, we offer extensive DIY support. Here are the critical checklists we have developed to help families who are cleaning out a house after a death, helping someone downsize or make a senior move or other transition.

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What Will Sell at Auction

To get the most value from your estate items, learn what auctioneers are most likely to be interested in. This checklist will tell you what types of items, brands, and dates to look for.

Get the Auction Checklist: Know What Will Sell

10 Questions for Movers

Not all movers offer the same level of service. Our checklist helps you compare moving companies and make sure you get the services you need.

Download Questions for Movers Checklist

What to Do After a Death in the Family

This checklist will get you started on the probate process with the 10 most important things to focus on.

Download the After a Death Checklist

How to Clean Out a House After a Death

Cleaning out the house yourself? To make the most of your time and volunteers, use our checklist to plan carefully, and keep your house cleanout project on track.

Download the After a Death Checklist


This checklist will help you minimize your possessions, and streamline that process. We give guidelines on what to keep and discard, and tips on how to save time while working.

Download the Downsizing Checklist

Elderly Parent Finances

Whether you are taking over an aging relative’s finances, or gathering paperwork after the death of a loved one, this checklist will guide you on the critical documents to locate.

Download Checklist for Understanding Parent Finances

Home for Holidays

Visiting aging parents during a holiday? Our checklist tells you what to look for so that you are up to date on their health, house maintenance, and finances.

Download Home for the Holidays Checklist

DIY Estate Sale

Use our pro checklist to ensure that your DIY estate sale runs smoothly. We include tips for before, during, and after the sale.

Download the DIY Estate Sale Checklist

Estate Cleanout Supplies

Our checklist will help you estimate what you’ll need for a cleanout in terms of supplies: boxes, packing tape, trash bags, safety equipment and more.

Download the Cleanout Supplies List