Estate Settlement Checklists

For those taking on the challenges of estate sales, staging and selling houses, assisting with downsizing, senior moves, probate and grief support, we offer extensive DIY support. Here are the critical checklists we have developed to help families who are cleaning out a house after a death, helping someone downsize or make a senior move or other transition.

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woman using checklist for a death in the family

Checklist: What to Do After a Death in the Family

We developed this checklist for our clients who have recently had a death in the family, and may be serving as executors of the estate. It will get you started on the probate process with the 10 most important things to focus on. Note that some of these tasks will likely grow into their own checklists as you work your way through the paperwork. If you have questions about the probate process, or what’s required of estate executors or administrators, learn how we can help. 

Download the After a Death checklist

Checklist: How to Have an Estate Sale

Are you helping empty a house after a move, downsize or death in the family? Holding your own estate sale is a lot of work, and there are myriad details to juggle – especially with a parent’s or grandparent’s house holding decades of family items. Use our pro checklist to ensure things run smoothly. If your estate is larger or more complicated than you can manage, click here to learn more about how we help families with estate sales and estate settlements. 

Download the Estate Sale checklist
boots for cleaning out elderly parents house

Cleaning out an estate is a huge project, but if you choose to do it yourself, you can make it easier with careful advance preparation. Assess the job by going through every room and roughly estimating the contents in cubic yards. Then you can estimate what you’ll need in terms of supplies: boxes, packing tape, trash bags and more. Don’t forget safety equipment! Click here to see our printable PDF. If you want to calculate more details, click here to use our House Cleanout Calculator to estimate the time and labor you’ll need for your particular job.

Download the Supplies Checklist

Book: The Secret Lives of Hoarders

Learn more about extremely cluttered estates and hoarding disorder from extreme cleaning specialist Matt Paxton. One of Legacy Navigator’s founders, Matt appeared on TV’s HOARDERS for eight seasons, helping families clean out full houses and hoarded estates. This book contains checklists for cleaning out a hoarded house and working with those struggling with hoarding.