We work with clients every day, helping settle estates, clean out cluttered houses and prepare houses for sale. Whether we are uncovering hidden bank accounts or helping cash-poor clients finance difficult life transitions, we work hard to find value where others see only problems. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

cluttered basement
Jeff's basement, March 16.
clean empty basement
Jeff's basement, March 20.

Financing Anthony's Services

As Anthony’s Parkinson’s Disease advanced, he and his wife decided to move to assisted living to seek better care. The move was daunting, since neither of them were able to sort and pack their belongings. We were able to finance our services, emptying the house and preparing it for sale. Anthony ended up earning enough from the sale to fund a higher level of medical care than he originally could afford.

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Cash for Carmen

Carmen faced hard times, dealing with complications from diabetes. Her court-appointed guardian recommended a move into assisted living, but Carmen only had $700 in the bank. Fortunately, Carmen had significant equity in her house, and a large collection of antique furniture. We were able to finance our services to help Carmen move, and recover cash from the sale of the antiques and the house.

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Finding Assets For Nina

Nina’s mother died suddenly, leaving an extremely cluttered house stuffed full of belongings and paperwork. Nina lived across the country, a situation in which most adult children would have taken a few keepsakes and then hired someone to dump the house contents. Instead, we carefully sorted through all the paperwork and found over $500,000 in assets that Nina didn’t know existed.

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Maya Beats Foreclosure

Maya’s mother left her a valuable house in a high-demand location, but the house carried a reverse mortgage, leaving Maya only days before foreclosure proceedings began. Real estate flippers offered Maya rock-bottom prices, which were tempting since Maya lived across the country and couldn’t empty the house herself. Instead, we cleaned out the house within days and prepared it for sale. Maya saved important mementos and earned full value for her mother’s house.

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Less Stress for Jeff

Jeff had been driving eight hours each way, every other weekend, to clean out his brother’s house. After two years of that long commute, Jeff was only about halfway through the cluttered house. When we met Jeff he was tired and stressed out. We cleaned his house in four days and gave him his life back.

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