We clean out and help sell cluttered houses every day for families under extreme stress. Do you need our help?

woman dancing caregiver dealing with burnout
Work It Out and 6 Other Tips for How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout
Every day, our field service team members help families cope with traumatic events. Here are their strategies for how to prevent caregiver burnout.
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    After a Death Checklist

    Our probate checklist for the top 10 things to do after the death of a family member

    Supplies Checklist

    Garbage bags, gloves, tape and more. Calculate what supplies and how much you'll need to clean out an estate.

    Estate Sale Checklist

    Our tips for how to manage things before, during and after an estate sale.
    "The team was awesome! They were all courteous, professional and knowledgeable. They were able to accomplish in a few short hours what it would have taken my husband and I many days to complete."
    – Deborah S.
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    Grief is more than mourning a death; we experience it in divorce, in the loss of friendships, in changing family dynamics and more. Join Matt Paxton, cleaning expert and former host of the TV show HOARDERS, and Pete Shrock, active national crisis support leader, as they navigate daily grief with humor and storytelling.

    August 17, 2017

    Episode 3: What's Your Legacy?

    Matt and Pete attend their colleague’s grandmother’s funeral and are blown away by the legacy she left. It gets them thinking about their own legacies and what they’ll be known for when they’re gone (Matt for being funny, Pete for his shoes?), and they challenge listeners to ask loved ones what they’d write on their tombstones. #tombstonechallenge

    Matt Paxton might look familiar because he is one of the top hoarding experts in the country and a featured cleaner on the hit television show HOARDERS.

    Pete Shrock has been immersed in active crisis support for over 15 years. He trained grief experts responding to 9/11 and the shootings at Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech.