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Matt's Tips
Who Gets What in a Family Inheritance? Create a Legacy List.
Creating a Legacy List can help you identify what items are worth keeping for a family inheritance, and preserve important memories for future generations.
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Downsize and Declutter Now to Leave a Better Family Legacy
It can be tough to downsize and declutter.But if you don’t, you risk leaving your family a legacy that can damage their careers, mental health, and home lives.
What Courts Watch for in the “Final Estate Accounting”
As an estate executor, make sure you carefully track these four items that probate courts want to see documented in the final accounting of the estate.
Ask Pete: Returning to Work Feels Pointless After Surviving Cancer
I recently finished cancer treatment, and it’s time to return to work. I need the income, but I just don’t care about “getting ahead” anymore. What should I do?
Five Easy Tips to Calm Down During a Family Cleanout
Cleaning out Mom and Dad’s house? Here are five pro tips to help you calm down and work together during a difficult family cleanout.
5 Methods for How to Settle an Estate With Siblings
The best way to keep peace in the family is to come up with an objective way to divide up a house's contents fairly. Here are five strategies that we’ve found to be successful.
6 Tips for Helping Seniors Manage Medication
Medication management issues are a top driver for seniors being placed in nursing homes. Here are 6 ways to make managing senior medications safer and easier.

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    Cleanout Supplies List

    Garbage bags, gloves, tape and more. Calculate what supplies and how much you'll need to clean out an estate.

    Estate Sale Checklist

    Step-by-step checklist for how to organize your family's estate sale.

    Death In the Family Checklist

    Our checklist for the most important things to do after a family member dies.
    "Legacy Navigator truly took on the impossible with our project and completed it with efficiency, energy and unfailing good spirit."
    – Kathleen F., Northern Virginia
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    podcast about modern grief
    Grief is more than mourning a death; we experience it in divorce, in the loss of friendships, in changing family dynamics and more. Join Matt Paxton, cleaning expert and former host of the TV show HOARDERS, and Pete Shrock, active national crisis support leader, as they navigate daily grief with humor and storytelling.

    November 9, 2017

    Episode 10: Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?

    Matt and Pete reflect on the old saying, “everything happens for a reason” and ask, “does it though?” They dig into why we say it (especially following a tragedy), what it does for our relationship with grief, and who can’t buy into it and why.

    Matt Paxton might look familiar because he is one of the top extreme cleaning experts in the country, as featured on the hit television show HOARDERS.

    Pete Shrock has been immersed in active crisis support for over 15 years. He trained grief experts responding to 9/11 and the shootings at Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech.