We handle house cleanouts and estate settlements
with compassion and empathy.

Organizing, cleaning up or emptying a full house is a big job, but you're not alone. Legacy Navigator works directly with you and your family to sort through household items, find important documents and/or even sell the house. We do the work so that you can stop worrying. 

Our compassionate and well-trained Guides can assist either in person or remotely with the multitude of tasks to handle. From managing paperwork and estate sales to sweeping out the hallway and shutting the front door for the last time, we can help with all aspects of this big transition. We are available via phone, text, video chat and in person to provide the highest levels of service and support.  

No matter what your need, Legacy Navigator is here to guide you. 

- How We Can Help - 

Overwhelmed? We are here to listen and help.

Call today and let us help you figure it all out.